We were founded in 2017 by two NASA retired scientists and a retired college professor sharing our interest and concern for climate change. We were disturbed by NASA’s and NOAA’s proposed FY 2018 budget cuts that would have seriously impacted or eliminated climate related programs, projects, satellites, and instruments and felt there was an urgent need to communicate to members of Congress the importance of continued funding for these critical programs. We developed a report and distributed it to several members of Congress and with our efforts, along with several other organizations, were successful in influencing Congressional science appropriations committees to fully fund these programs for FY 2018. Two additional NASA retirees joined STF2100 to add their much-needed experience and knowledge to our Arctic program. With our dedicated staff and diverse expertise, we are at the point of further educating the non-science community on critical climate change topics and implementing our influence and advocacy to help mitigate the climate crises.