Our Mission is to

1.  Provide elected officials and the public with information on how national security is threatened by climate change both domestically and globally and the actions needed to shape government planning and policy making.

2) Provide information on climate change and how it impacts and threatens: Agriculture, Coastal Areas, Ocean Health, Energy Sources, Environment, Environmental Social Justice, Health and Infectious Diseases, Transportation, Refugee Flows, Fisheries, Forests, Water Resources, Tourism, Recreation, and Commerce. 

3.  Provide information on the capability and capacity of the US Government to gather Earth and climate data from space, air, ocean, and land-based instruments and associated climate programs. Examine and report on the results and consequences of funding for these instruments and programs through the budget process; provide education to protect these funds from budget cuts.

We are committed to the following values:

1. Integrity - Our information is derived from highly regarded and mainstream scientific, non-government, and government publications. We judiciously reference these sources in our documents. 

b. Social justice - Our work is driven to promote social justice for world populations: recommendations to resolve a climate issue in one region will not harm populations and ecosystems in other regions. 

3. Non-partisan - Our analysis of the scientific literature and resultant reports shall be politically non-partisan.