Supporting Elected Officials and the Public on Climate Issues

  • The US Department of Defense recognizes the reality of climate change and the significant risk it poses to U.S. interests globally contributing to increased natural disasters, refugee flows, and conflicts over basic resources such as food and water. These impacts are already occurring, and the scope, scale, and intensity of these impacts are projected to increase over time.   To understand and mitigate this threat, our nation needs to monitor, understand, and forecast critical climate, sea and land surface parameters. 

About Us

Our Mission

1)  Provide elected officials and the public with information on how national security is threatened by climate change both domestically and globally and the action needed to address this issue in government planning and policy making.

 2)  Provide information on climate change and how it impacts and threatens: Agriculture, Coastal Areas, Energy Sources, Environment, Health and Infectious Diseases, Transportation, Refugee Flow, Fishery, Forests, Water Resources, Tourism, Recreation, and Commerce.          

3)  Provide information on the capability of the US Government to gather Earth and climate data from space, air, ocean, and land-based instruments and associated climate programs. Examine and report on the results and consequences of funding for these instruments and programs through the budget process; provide support to protect these funds from budget cuts. 

We derive our information from highly regarded and mainstream scientific, non-government, and government publications.  Our own documents are judiciously referenced to these sources.  

Who We Are - The Founders

Stan Farkas, PhD - Retired NASA Project Manager *

Gary Latshaw, PhD - Retired Physics Professor 

Phil Russell, PhD - Retired NASA Atmospheric Scientist


Secure the future 2100 has developed the following Reports

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Earth Science Missions - What they measure and how they apply to the real world (pdf)


Earth Science Missions Summary Chart (pdf)


Letter to Member of Congress Ref Earth Science Missions (pdf)


Budget Cuts for NOAA and NASA - Update Oct. 2017 (pdf)


Effects of Climate Change on South Asia - A Threat to National and Global Security Summary (pdf)


Climate Change & Global Security in South Asia - Process Flow Chart (pdf)


South Asia Map (pdf)


Effects of Climate Change on South Asia - A Threat to National and Global Security - Updated Aug 2017 (pdf)


2018 Budget-NASA & NOAA Climate Related Programs (pdf)


Presentations Available: Pleasee contact us for scheduling

How Climate Change can Change California 23 April 2018 (pdf)


Impact of Climate Change on California Updated 10 October 2018 (pdf)