Impact of Climate Change on California: 10 October 2018

Impacts to California by 2100: 

· Projected Temperature Rise - Approx. 10 - 15°F 

· Projected Sea Level Rise with major storms: Approx. 9 ft 

· Increase risk of Drought impacting food supply, forests, and reliable water supply 

· Increase severity and frequency of Atmospheric River Storms 

· Drastic change in ecological habitats effects forests, agriculture, estuaries, etc. 

· More frequent and intense wildfires, floods, mudslides 

· Impact on Public Health 

· Projected Economic Impacts to many Sectors (agriculture, recreation, etc.) and infrastructure


Impact of Climate Change on California Updated 10 October 2018 (pdf)


How Climate Change can Change California 23 April 2018

· Current California climate change and trends will persist at least through ~2040. 

· Continued economic dependence on fossil fuels will constrain foreign policy and continue to degrade our air and water quality. 

· Eliminating fossil fuels as significant energy source will be a gift to future generations.


How Climate Change can Change California 23 April 2018 (pdf)


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